The Poké Mart is (arguably) the best thing in Pokémon Omega Ruby. It sells a variety of goods, including Poké Balls for catching Pokémon in the wild! 'Note: The Poké Mart will not sell Poké Balls until you have defeated May (or Brendan if playing as a girl) on Route 103.

The Potion PromotionEdit

The Potion promotion is on your first visit to Oldale Town. When you meet the Poké Mart clerk, she will give you 10 potions as part of the Potion Promotion (a.k.a The Help Your Health Promotion). You will already have 1 potion, so if you haven't used one already, you should have 11 potions in total. Potions can be used anytime, so they can be very useful to have.

Also, the Potion promotion is only for novice trainers at the start of the game, so you can't pick up a Potion promotion at Fallorbor Town, Petalburg City, Dewford Town, Ever Grande City, Rustboro City or any of that kind of stuff. 18:02, May 7, 2015 (UTC)

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